Volunteer Opportunities

You CAN make a difference!
Helping children meet the challenges of growing up is the goal of Kinship. Many children are growing up without adequate adult support. To grow into healthy, productive members of the community, these children need additional adult companionship, guidance and understanding. A Kinship mentor can help fulfill those needs. Being a friend, listening and sharing, it all adds up to a human investment in the future of a child who knows someone took the time to care.

In the Traditional Community Based Mentoring Program, a Kinship match meets 3-4 times/month to do things together. This can be fishing, cooking, gardening, working on a project, or any other activity they both enjoy. The possibilities are endless! Kinship requires all mentors to be at least 18 years of age and asks for a minimum one year commitment. If you are interested in becoming a mentor to one of our waiting children, please fill out an application and send it to the Kinship office.

In the School Mentoring Program, an adult or High School mentor meets at school with their Kinship kid once a week at a regularly set day and time for 30 minutes. During this time, the match might read a story together, play a game, do a craft or just sit and talk. Kinship asks all school mentors for a minimum commitment of one school year. Currently, Kinship has partnered with the 6 school districts: Amery, Clayton, Luck, Frederic, Unity and St. Croix Falls. If you would like to be a school mentor, print out an application and send it to the Kinship office.