Mentoring Agency for Children: History of Kinship

mentoring agency for childrenKinship is a non-profit mentoring agency for children ages 5-18 and has been in existence and changing lives since 1980. Kinship kids are young people who would benefit from the extra support, encouragement, and companionship a properly matched and consistent friendship can provide. Kinship mentors are people who are willing and able to invest in such a friendship with a child or young person in need. Kinship mentors may be in many walks of life: they can be married, single, male, female, young, or older adults.

As a mentoring agency for children, Kinship of Polk County offers two mentoring options: traditional community based mentoring and school mentoring.

Kinship of Polk County believes in the power of friendship!  You have to ability to impact a life, to build up a child, and to change the world one person at a time in the process.

You CAN make a difference. To learn more about how you can positively impact the life a child, visit our Volunteers page or contact us today!