Community Based Mentoring

In the Traditional Community Based Mentoring Program, a Kinship match spends time together three or four times each month engaging in activities such as fishing, gardening, biking, playing ball, cooking, and doing things that they both enjoy – TOGETHER! In spending regular and consistent time together, Kinship kids not only gain exposure to new ideas, but gain confidence in themselves, respect for others, and most importantly, they learn that other people care about them.

In order to qualify for a mentor, the child and his or her parents must desire participation in the Kinship program. Together, they fill out an Application Youth-Parent and complete an in-home interview with a Kinship Coordinator.

Kinship mentors are carefully screened through a regulated process. This screening includes an Application Community Based Volunteer, three references, a police background check, as well as an in-home interview with a Kinship Coordinator. Once an applicant gets through this screening process, the coordinator identifies a good match based primarily on personality compatibility, shared interests, and proximity to one another.

Once matched, the Kinship Coordinator works closely with both mentor and the Kinship child’s family to ensure the growth of a healthy, lasting friendship.

**Kinship requires a minimum one year commitment from a Traditional Community Based Mentor.

community based mentoring