School Based Mentoring

In the School Based Mentoring Program, a Kinship match spends 30 minutes together on a given day, at a set time, each week at school during the school day. They might read a story together, play a game, do a craft, read a book or just sit and talk. The time together may include help with academics but at all times the focus will be the fostering of a caring and supportive friendship. The objective of school mentoring is to improve a child’s social skills and self esteem in order to foster a better attitude for learning; ultimately improving school success.

Kinship of Polk County is currently in partnership with all school districts in Polk County: Amery, Clear Lake, Clayton, Luck, Frederic, Unity, Osceola and St. Croix Falls. In order for youth(mentees) to become involved in this program, parents must fill out an child application giving their permission. The number of matches in each school is limited so schools may prioritize which students would benefit most from having a mentor.

Kinship carefully screens High School students and adults who are interested in being school mentors. Screening includes an volunteer application, three reference checks, an interview and for adult applicants, a police background check. Upon acceptance, the Kinship Coordinator identifies a good match based primarily on class schedules and interests.

Once matched, the Kinship Coordinator works closely with teachers, mentors and parents to ensure the growth of a healthy, lasting friendship.

**Kinship requires a minimum one year commitment from a School Based Mentor.